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Cucumbers Stuffed

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take six or eight middling-sized cucumbers, the smoothest you can

procure; pare them, cut a small piece off the end, and scoop out all the

seeds; blanch them for three or four minutes in boiling water on the

fire; then put them into cold water to make the forcemeat. Then take

some veal off the leg, calf's udder, fat bacon, and a piece of suet, and

put it in boiling water about four minutes; take it out, and chop all

together; put some parsley, small green onions, and shalots, all finely

chopped, some salt, pepper, and nutmeg, sufficient for seasoning it,

some crumbs of bread that have been steeped in cream, the whites of two

eggs, and four yolks beaten well in a mortar. Stuff your cucumbers with

this, and put the piece you cut off each upon it again. Lay at the

bottom of your stewpan some thin slices of bacon, with the skin of the

veal, onions in slices, parsley, thyme, some cloves; put your cucumbers

in your stewpan, and cover them with bacon, &c., as at the bottom, and

then add some strong broth, just sufficient to cover them. Set them over

a slow fire covered, and let them stew slowly for an hour. Make some

brown gravy of a good colour, and well tasted; and, when your cucumbers

are stewed, take them out, drain them well from all grease, and put them

in your brown gravy; it must not be thick. Set it over the stove for two

minutes, and squeeze in the juice of a lemon.

To make brown gravy, put into your stewpan a quarter of a pound of

butter; set it over the fire, and, when melted, put in a spoonful of

flour, and keep stirring it till it is as brown as you wish, but be

careful not to let it burn; put some good gravy to it, and let it boil

some time, with parsley, onions, thyme, and spices, and then strain it

to your cucumbers.

Should any of the cucumbers be left at dinner, you may serve them up

another way for supper; cut the cucumbers in two, lengthwise, or, if you

like, in round slices; add yolks of eggs beaten, and dust them all well

over with crumb of bread rubbed very fine; fry them very hot; make them

of a good colour, and serve them in a dish, with fried parsley.

Other Recipes

Cucumbers Stuffed With Mushrooms

Peel two large, firm cucumbers, and cut in half lengthwise; take out the

seeds. Take a quarter of a pound of fresh mushrooms, skin and stem them.

Chop the mushroom flaps very fine, put them in a spider with four

tablespoonfuls of melted butter and a very little water, cover and cook

until tender. Remove from the fire, stir in four heaping tablespoonfuls

of grated bread crumbs, salt and pepper to taste, a few drops of onion

juice, and the yolk of one egg. Stuff the cucumbers with this dressing,

put the halves together, fasten with wooden toothpicks or tie with

string. Place in a small dish that will fit in the steamer, cover

closely, and steam until tender--about three-quarters of an hour--and

serve with a brown sauce made as follows:

THE SAUCE.--Put on the skins and stems of the mushrooms in boiling

water. Fry a few slices each of carrot, celery top, green pepper, onion

and turnip in butter, strain the water from the mushroom stems into this

and stew until all are tender, strain, add a generous tablespoonful of

butter and enough flour to thicken the sauce, and salt and pepper to

taste. Place the cucumbers in a shallow vegetable dish, remove the

strings and pour the sauce around them.

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