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Cucumbers To Preserve Green

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take fine large green cucumbers; put them in salt and water till they

are yellow; then green them over fresh salt and water in a little roch

alum. Cover them close with abundance of vine leaves, changing the

leaves as they become yellow. Put in some lemon-juice; and, when the

cucumbers are of a fine green, take them off and scald them several

times with hot water, or make a very thin syrup, changing it till the

raw taste of the cucumbers is taken away. Then make a syrup thus: to a

pound of cucumbers take one pound and a half of double-refined sugar;

leave out the half pound to add to them when boiled up again; put

lemon-peel, ginger cut in slices, white orris root, and any thing else

you like to flavour with; boil it well; when cool, put it to the

cucumbers, and let them remain a few days. Boil up the syrup with the

remainder of the sugar; continue to heat the syrup till they look clear.

Just before you take the syrup off, add lemon-juice to your taste.

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