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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

1 quart of sweet milk.
5 large eggs.
3 tablespoons sugar.
Grated nutmeg or vanilla flavoring.
Scald milk. Beat whites of eggs separately. Add milk when cooled to
the beaten yolks. Add sugar and flavoring. Stir in stiffly beaten
whites of eggs, pour into custard cups, stand them in a dripping pan
half filled with boiling water. Stand the pan in a moderate oven about
twenty minutes, or until custard is "set." This quantity fills about
eight small custard cups. The water surrounding the custard cups
should not be allowed to boil, but the custard should cook slowly.
Grate nutmeg thickly over top of each custard before placing in the
oven. Scalding the milk before using improves the custard.

Other Recipes

Cup Custards

Boil a pint of milk, (cost four cents,) with two ounces

of sugar and half the yellow rind of a lemon, (cost three cents;)

meantime beat four eggs, (cost four cents,) and strain the milk into

them; mix thoroughly, strain again, and pour into cups; set these in a

baking pan containing hot water enough to reach half way up the sides

of the cups, and either set the pan over the fire until the custards are

firm, or bake them in the oven; they will set in twelve or fifteen

minutes. The cost will be about twelve cents.

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