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Curd Cheesecake

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Just warm a quart of new milk; put into it a spoonful of runnet, and set

it near the fire till it breaks. Strain it through a sieve; put the curd

into a pan, and beat it well with a spoon. Melt a quarter of a pound of

butter, put in the same quantity of moist sugar, a little grated nutmeg,

two Naples biscuits, grated fine, the yolks of four eggs beat well, and

the whites of two, a glass of raisin wine, a few bitter almonds, with

lemon or Seville orange-peel cut fine, a quarter of a pound of currants

plumped; mix all well together, and put it into the paste and pans for


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