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Currant Jam

(Plain Cookery Book For The Working Classes)

Ingredients, twelve pounds of picked currants, either red, black, or

white, or, if agreeable, mixed; eight pounds of raw sugar, three pints

of water. If you could borrow what is called a preserving-pan from a

neighbour, it would suit the purpose better than a pot; but, failing the

preserving-pan, put the eight pounds of sugar in a four-gallon iron pot,

with the three pints of water; stir these on the fire till the sugar

boils; remove the scum from the surface, and, when it has boiled for

about ten minutes, add the currants, and keep stirring the jam, while it

boils for half an hour; and then, if it presents the appearance of being

rather thick, and the currants partly dissolved, it will be ready to

pour into stone jars, which, after being allowed to cool all night, are

to be tied down with paper, and kept in a cold place for winter's use.

All kinds of seed fruit can be prepared in the same manner, as well as

all kinds of plums.

Other Recipes

Red Currant Jam

Pick the currants from the stems, weigh them, and allow three-quarters

of a pound of white sugar to a pound of the fruit. Put the currants in a

preserving kettle, mash them a little to prevent them from sticking to

the kettle, and boil for fifteen minutes, then add the sugar and boil

rapidly for ten minutes. Bottle and seal tight.

Other Recipes

Currant Jam

To a pound of currants put three quarters of a pound of lump sugar. Put

the fruit first into the preserving-pan, and place the sugar carefully

in the middle, so as not to touch the pan. Let it boil gently on a clear

fire for about half an hour. It must not be stirred. Skim the jelly

carefully from the top, and add a quarter of a pound of fruit to what

remains from the jelly; stir it well, and boil it thoroughly. The

proportion of fruit added for the jam must always be one quarter. In

making jelly or jam, it is an improvement to add to every five pounds of

currants one pound of raisins.

Other Recipes

Currant Jam Or Jelly

Take two pounds of currants and half a pound of raspberries: to every

pound of fruit add three quarters of a pound of good moist sugar. Simmer

them slowly; skim the jam very nicely; when boiled to a sufficient

consistency, put it into jars, and, when cold, cover with brandy paper.

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