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Currants Or Barberries To Dry In Bunches

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

When the currants, or barberries, (which should be maiden barberries)

are stoned and tied up in bunches, take to one pound of them a pound and

a half of sugar. To each pound of sugar put half a pint of water; boil

the syrup well, and put the fruit into it. Set it on the fire; let it

just boil, and then take it off. Cover it close with white paper; let it

stand till next day; then make it scalding hot, and let it stand two or

three days, covered close with paper. Lay it in earthen plates; sprinkle

over it fine sugar, put it on a stove to dry; lay it on sieves till one

side is dry; then turn and sift sugar on it. When dry enough lay it

between papers.

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