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(Introductory Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

See curried veal. Undressed chicken is considered best for a curry,
it must be cut in small joints, the directions for curried veal are
equally adapted for fowls.

Take a fowl and blanch it, also a fine sweet bread, parboil them, then
cut off in smooth well shaped slices, all the white part of the fowl,
and slice the sweetbread in similar pieces, place them together in a
fine well-flavoured veal gravy; when done, serve neatly in the dish,
and pour over a fine white sauce, any that may be approved, the
remainder of the fowl must be cut up in small joints or pieces, not
separated from the bone, and fried to become brown, then place them in
a stew-pan with forcemeat balls, truffles, and morels; pour over half
or three quarters of a pint of beef gravy, and simmer till finished; a
little mushroom ketchup, or lemon-pickle may be added; in this manner
two very nice _entrées_ may be formed.

Other Recipes

Curried Chicken Sandwiches

Chop sufficient cold boiled chicken to make a half pint. Rub together

one tablespoonful of butter and one tablespoonful of flour; add a half

cupful of cold milk, and stir over hot water until you have a smooth,

thick paste. Add the chicken gradually to this, mashing and rubbing all

the while. Add a level teaspoonful of curry powder, a half teaspoonful

of salt, a teaspoonful of onion juice and a teaspoonful of lemon juice.

When cold, spread between layers of buttered bread, trim the crusts and

cut into shapes.

Almost any bits of left-over meat may be substituted for the chicken and

made into sandwiches of this kind.

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