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Curry No 4

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Skin and prepare two chickens as for a fricassee; wash them very clean,

and stew them in a pint and a half of water for about five minutes.

Strain off the liquor, and put the chickens in a clean dish. Slice three

large onions, and fry them in about two ounces of butter. Put in the

chickens, and fry them together till they are brown. Take a quarter of

an ounce of curry-powder, and salt to your palate, and strew over the

chickens while they are frying; then pour in the liquor in which they

were first stewed, and let them stew again for half an hour. Add a

quarter of a pint of cream and the juice of two lemons. Have rice boiled

dry to eat with it. Rabbits do as well as chickens.

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