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(Cakes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Cream yolks of six eggs with one-half pound of powdered sugar; add
three-fourths cup of flour sifted three times; then add beaten whites of
six eggs lightly and carefully into the mixture. Butter pie plates on
under side and sprinkle with flour lightly over the butter and spread
the mixture very thin. This amount makes one cake of twelve layers.
Remove layers at once with a spatula.
Filling.--Cream one-half pound of sweet butter and put on ice
immediately; take one-half pound of sweet chocolate and break it into a
cup of strong liquid coffee; add one-half pound of granulated sugar and
let it boil until you can pull it almost like candy; remove from fire
and stir the chocolate until it is quite cold. When cold add the
chocolate mixture to the creamed butter. This filling is spread thin
between the layers, spread the icing thicker on top and sides of the
cake. This is very fine, but care must be taken in baking and removing
the layers, as layers are as thin as wafers. Bake and make filling a day
or two before needed.

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