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Dried Beef

(Simple Meat Dishes) - (Cookery For Little Girls)

Dried beef dressed in cream is always an appetizing dish and very

quickly made ready. The child should first take a half-pound of chipped

beef and tear it into small pieces, removing all strings and fat. Then

put in a stew-pan, cover with cold water and let come to a boil. While

it is heating, however, she should stir smooth one tablespoonful butter

and one tablespoonful flour. When the water boils on the beef she must

pour off half (or it will be too salty), and add an equal amount of

milk. Into this stir slowly the mixed butter and flour, season with

pepper and let boil until thick. Some people like the addition of two

well-beaten eggs, but I prefer the beef plain, with the gravy rather

thick, served on rounds of hot buttered toast. The toast could be made

first and set where it will keep warm, and thus save the time of making

afterwards, for a dish of this kind cools very quickly, and should be

sent to the table as soon as ready.

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Break eggs into bowl, season with salt and pepper and pour into hot,
frying pan in which butter has been melted. Cook over slow fire and as
eggs thicken stir until cooked. If desired eggs may be beaten with 1
tablespoon milk to each egg and cooked in same way.

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