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(Poultry) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Singe off all the small feathers; cut off neck and wings, which may be
used for soup; wash thoroughly and rub well with salt, ginger and a
little pepper, inside and out. Now prepare this dressing: Take the
liver, gizzard and heart and chop to a powder in chopping bowl. Grate in
a little nutmeg, add a piece of celery root and half an onion. Put all
this into your chopping bowl. Soak some stale bread, squeeze out all the
water and fry in a spider of hot fat. Toss this soaked bread into the
bowl; add one egg, salt, pepper and a speck of ginger and mix all
thoroughly. Fill the duck with this and sew it up. Lay in the
roasting-pan with slices of onions, celery and specks of fat. Put some
on top of fowl; roast two hours, covered up tight and baste often. Stick
a fork into the skin from time to time so that the fat will try out.

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Salmi of Duck with Olives

Roast for eight minutes two sprig tail ducks, take out and cut
the meat from the bones. Break up the bones. Cover with water in a
saucepan and cook with a dozen cloves, one onion and some chopped
celery, to make a gravy. When done strain it off. To this gravy add
the meat, two ounces of butter, salt, pepper, cayenne, one-half head
of celery, cut in strips, one teaspoonful of currant jelly and one
dozen stoned olives. Cook gently ten minutes, stirring it well until
smooth. Add a piece of butter rolled in brown flour. Stew five minutes
and serve very hot.

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Sauce for Canvas-back Duck

Melt together in a hot soup plate one ounce of butter, and an equal
amount of currant jelly. Add the juice of a lime, a glass of sherry
and a small cupful of finely chopped celery. Season with salt, pepper
and cayenne.

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A little good gravy, with a glass of port wine, the juice of a lemon,
highly seasoned with cayenne pepper.

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Stuff and half roast a duck, then put it into a stew-pan with an onion
sliced, a little mint and about one pint of beef gravy, add after it
has simmered half an hour, a quart of green peas, and simmer another
half hour; a little lump sugar is requisite.

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Take the tenderloin, lay it flat on a board after removing the fat. Make
a stuffing as for poultry. See "To Stuff Poultry". Spread this mixture
on the meat evenly; then roll and tie it with white twine; turn in the
ends to make it even and shapely.
Cut into dice an onion, turnip, and carrot, and place them in a
baking-pan; lay the rolled meat on the bed of vegetables; pour in enough
stock or water to cover the pan one inch deep; add a bouquet made of
parsley, one bay leaf and three cloves; cover with another pan, and let
cook slowly for four hours, basting frequently. It can be done in a pot
just as well, and should be covered as tight as possible; when cooked,
strain off the vegetables; thicken the gravy with one tablespoon of
flour browned in fat and serve it with the meat. Long, slow cooking is
required to make the meat tender. If cooked too fast it will not be

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Draw the duck; stuff, truss and roast the same as chicken. Serve with
giblet sauce and currant jelly. If small, the duck should be cooked in
an hour.

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One duckling of about five pounds, one calf's foot, eight to ten small
onions, as many young carrots, one bunch of parsley. Cook the foot
slowly in one quart of water, one teaspoon of salt and a small bay leaf.
Put aside when the liquor has been reduced to one-half. In the meanwhile
fry the duck and when well browned wipe off the grease, put in another
pan, add the calf's foot with its broth, one glass of dry white wine, a
tablespoon of brandy, the carrots, parsley and the onions--the latter
slightly browned in drippings--pepper and salt to taste and cook slowly
under a covered lid for one hour. Cool off for about an hour, take off
the grease, bone and skin the duckling and cut the meat into small
pieces; arrange nicely with the vegetables in individual earthenware
dishes, cover with the stock and put on the ice to harden.

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No. 144. Anitra Selvatica (Wild Duck)

Ingredients: Wild duck, butter, fowls' livers, Marsala, gravy,
turnips, carrots, parsley, mushrooms.
Cut a wild duck into quarters and put it into a stewpan with two
fowls' livers cut up and fried in butter. When the pieces of duck
are coloured on both sides, pour off the butter, and in its place
pour a glass of Marsala, a cup of stock, and a cup of Espagnole
sauce (No.1), and cook gently for ten minutes. In the meantime
shape and blanch six young turnips and as many young carrots, put
them into a stewpan, and on the top of them put the pieces of wild
duck, liver, &c. Pass the liquor through a sieve and pour it over
the wild duck, add a bunch of parsley and other herbs and five
little mushrooms cut up, and cook on a slow fire for half an hour.
Skim the sauce, pass it through a sieve and add a pinch of sugar.
Put the pieces of wild duck in an entree dish, add the vegetables,
&c., pour the sauce over and serve.

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Use any filling you prefer; season with sage and onion, chopped fine;
Salt and pepper. (You can use this seasoning with mashed potatoes for
a stuffing). Young ducks should roast from twenty-five to thirty
minutes; full grown ones for two hours. Baste frequently. Serve with
currant jelly, apple sauce and green peas. If the fowls are old
parboil before roasting.

Other Recipes

Duck aux Champignons.

Boil 1 quart of lentils until tender; then heat 2 tablespoonfuls of
butter. Add 1 chopped onion and stir in 1 tablespoonful of flour until
brown; add some cold water mixed with vinegar. Let boil and pour the
sauce over the lentils. Season with salt and pepper, and serve with
small boiled sausages. Sprinkle the top with bread-crumbs fried in
butter until brown.

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