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Duck A La Braise

(Poultry.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Lard the duck; lay a slice or two of beef at the bottom of the pan, and

on these the duck, a piece of bacon, and some more beef sliced, an

onion, a carrot, whole pepper, a slice of lemon, and a bunch of

sweet-herbs. Cover this close, and set it over the fire for a few

minutes, shaking in some flour: then pour in a quart of beef broth or

boiling water, and a little heated red wine. Stew it for half an hour;

strain the sauce, and skim it; put to it some more wine if necessary,

with cayenne, shalot, a little mint, juice of a lemon, and chopped

tarragon. If agreeable to your taste, add artichoke bottoms boiled and


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