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Duck To Boil

(Poultry.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Pour over it boiling milk and water, and let it lie for an hour or two.

Then boil it gently for a full half hour in plenty of water. Serve with

onion sauce.

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Duck To Boil A La Francaise

To a pint of rich beef gravy put two dozen of roasted peeled chesnuts,

with a few leaves of thyme, two small onions if agreeable, a race of

ginger, and a little whole pepper. Lard a fine tame duck, and half roast

it; put it into the gravy; let it stew ten minutes, and add a pint of

port wine. When the duck is done, take it out; boil up your gravy to a

proper thickness, but skim it very clean from the fat; lay your duck in

the dish, and pour the sauce over it.

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