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Dutch Apple Cake Lemon Sauce

(Puddings.) - (My Recipes Tried And True)


One pint of flour, one half teaspoon salt, one and one half teaspoons

baking powder, butter size of an egg; sift flour, salt and baking powder

together then rub in the butter thoroughly; beat one egg light with

two-thirds of a cup of milk and stir into the dry mixture; spread one

half inch thick on a baking pan; pare and core and cut in eight pieces,

four apples and stick them into the dough, in rows, and sprinkle over

them two tablespoons sugar and bake quickly; serve with sauce as

follows: Two cups cold water, ditto of sugar; when it boils, add three

teaspoons of cornstarch dissolved in a little cold water; take from fire

as soon as it thickens and add one tablespoon of butter and the rind and

juice of one lemon, or one teaspoon lemon extract; serve hot.

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