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Eels To Pickle

(Fish.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Drain, wash, and well cleanse your eels, and cut off the heads. Cut them

in lengths of four or five inches, with their skins on; stew in them

some pepper and salt, and broil them on a gridiron a fine colour: then

put them in layers in a jar, with bay-leaf, pepper, salt, a few slices

of lemon, and a few cloves. Pour some good vinegar on them; tie strong

paper over, and prick a few holes in it. It is better to boil the

seasoning with some sweet herbs in the vinegar, and let it stand to be

cold before it is put over the eels. Two yolks of eggs boiled hard

should be put in the vinegar with a tea-spoonful of flour of mustard.

Two yolks are sufficient for twelve pounds of eels.

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