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Eels To Spitchcock

(Fish.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Leave the skin on the eels; scour them with salt; wash them; cut off

their heads and slit them on the belly side; take out the bone and guts.

Wash and wipe them well; cut them in pieces three inches long, and wipe

them quite dry. Put two ounces of butter, with a little minced parsley,

thyme, sage, pepper and salt, and a little chopped shalot, in a stewpan;

when the butter is melted, stir the ingredients together, and take the

pan off the fire; mix the yolks of two eggs with them and dip the eels

in, a piece at a time; then roll them in bread crumbs, making as much

stick on as you can. Rub the gridiron with a bit of suet; set it over a

clear fire, and broil your eels of a fine crisp brown; dust them with

crisp parsley. Sauce, anchovy and butter, or plain butter in a boat.

Another way with eels.

Wash your eels well in their skins with salt and water; dry and slit

them; take out the back-bone, and slash them: season them with chopped

parsley, thyme, salt, and pepper. Clean the inside with melted butter;

cut them into pieces about three inches long and broil them; make the

sauce with butter and orange juice.

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