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Eels To Stew

(Fish.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take five pounds of middling shafflings, cut off their heads, skin, and

cut them in pieces as long as your finger. Wash them in several waters;

dry them well with a cloth, lay them in a pan, sprinkle over them half

an ounce of white salt, and let them lie an hour. Lay them in a stewpan,

and add half a pint of French white wine, a quarter of a pint of water,

two cloves beaten, a blade of mace, a large onion peeled, and the rind

of a lemon; stew all these gently half an hour: then take the eels out

of the liquor, skim off all the fat, and flour the eels all over; put to

the liquor in which they were stewed an anchovy, washed and boned, and

mix sorrel and parsley, half a handful of each, and half a pound of

fresh butter. Let it just boil up; put in the eels; when they boil, lay

them on sippets in your dish, and send them up hot to table.

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