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Egg Sauce

(Sauces) - (Joe Tilden's Recipes For Epicures)

Beat two ounces of butter to a froth. Mix into it one tablespoonful of
flour and the yolk of one egg. Pour a cup of hot water of this batter,
stirring constantly. Heat over the fire until it is thick and smooth,
but be careful not to boil. Just before serving stir in two hard
boiled eggs finely chopped.

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Boil two eggs hard, chop them finely, and warm them up in finely made
melted butter, add a little white pepper, salt, a blade of mace, and a
very small quantity of nutmeg.

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Clean the fish thoroughly, and wash it in hot water, wipe dry and salt
inside and out. If you heat the salt it will penetrate through the meat
of the fish in less time. Take a kettle, lay in it a piece of butter
about the size of an egg; cut up an onion, some celery root, parsley
root and a few slices of lemon, lay the fish in, either whole or cut up
in slices; boil in enough water to just cover the fish, and add more
salt if required, add a dozen whole peppers, black or white; season with
ground white pepper. Let the fish boil quickly. In the meantime beat up
the yolks of two eggs, and pound a dozen almonds to a paste, add to the
beaten yolks, together with a tablespoon of cold water. When done remove
the fish to a large platter; but to ascertain whether the fish has
cooked long enough, take hold of the fins, if they come out readily your
fish has cooked enough. Strain the sauce through a sieve, taking out the
slices of lemon and with them garnish the top of the fish; add the
strained sauce to the beaten eggs, stirring constantly as you do so;
then return the sauce to the kettle, and stir until it boils, remove
quickly and pour it over the fish. When it is cold garnish with curly

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Cut a five-pound haddock into four-inch slices. Cut a big hole into each
slice, preserving the backbone and skin. Put this meat, cut from the
fish, into a wooden tray, add to it four large onions and a sprig of
parsley. Chop until very fine, then add two eggs, a dash of pepper and
cinnamon, a pinch of salt, and a tablespoon of sugar. To this add enough
cracker dust to stiffen it. Put this filling into the holes cut in the
Take a saucepan, put in one sliced onion, a sprig of parsley, a small
sliced carrot, a dash of pepper, and a pinch of salt. Put the fish into
the saucepan, cover with cold water, and let it boil slowly for one
hour. At the end of the hour take out the fish, and put on a platter.
Preserve the water or gravy in which the fish was boiled for the sauce.
Egg sauce for fish: Beat the yokes of two eggs thoroughly. Into the
beaten yolks slowly pour the gravy in which the fish was boiled,
stirring constantly. Stand this on the back of the stove to boil for
five minutes, stirring constantly so as to prevent burning.

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Wash brains well, skin, boil fifteen minutes in salt water; slice in
stew-pan some onions, salt, pepper, ginger and a cup of stock. Put in
the brains with a little marjoram; let it cook gently for one-half hour.
Mix yolks of two eggs, juice of a lemon, a teaspoon of flour, a little
chopped parsley; when it is rubbed smooth, stir it into saucepan; stir
well to prevent curdling.

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1 Bream--6d.

1/2 pint White Sauce--2 1/2d.

1 Egg--1d.

Parsley, Lemon Juice--1/2d.

Total Cost--10d.

Time--20 minutes

Wash the bream, rub some dripping on to a baking sheet, lay on it the
fish, squeeze over a few drops of lemon juice; cover with a piece of
paper well rubbed with dripping, and bake in a moderate oven for about
twenty minutes or longer, if the fish is large. Remove the skin and
fins, and put them on the dish; pour over the white sauce, which should
be just thick enough to coat the fish. Chop the parsley finely, and
boil the egg hard, cut it in half, and either chop the yolk or rub it
through a sieve, and chop the white. Arrange these in alternate rows
all over the fish, and garnish with a few lemon slices.

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From MRS. WILSON PATTERSON, of Maryland, Alternate Lady Manager.
_I am always interested, and do my best to help anything done to
help other women.
I send you a recipe which I hope may be of service to you. It is a
delicious sauce for asparagus and is given me by the chef of Prince
Jerome Bonaparte.
Wishing you every success in your most worthy undertaking, I am,
Sincerely yours, _
Put in a sauce pan a piece of butter, melt it, add it pinch of flour;
work it together thoroughly, wet it with a little warm water, salt it,
make it boil, add the yolk of an egg; then beat up the sauce with a
little fresh butter; pass it through the finest gauze. At the minute
of serving add two spoonfuls of beaten cream, well mixed.

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Egg Sauce For Roast Fowls Etc

Boil two or three eggs for about eight minutes; remove the shells, cut

up each egg into about ten pieces of equal size, and put them into some

butter-sauce made as follows:--viz., Knead two ounces of flour with one

ounce and-a-half of butter; add half-a-pint of water, pepper and salt to

season, and stir the sauce on the fire until it begins to boil; then mix

in the pieces of chopped hard-boiled eggs.

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Chicken With Egg Sauce

(Pollo in salsa d'uova)

Break into pieces a young chicken and put it in the saucepan with a

piece of butter. Season with salt and pepper. When it is half browned

sprinkle with a pinch of flour to give it color, then complete the

cooking with broth. Remove it from the same and put it on a plate. Beat

the yolk of one egg with the piece of half a lemon and pour it on the

sauce of the chicken, allowing it to simmer for some minutes. Then pour

on the chicken and serve hot.

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String Beans With Egg Sauce

(Fagiuolini in salsa d'uovo)

Take less than a pound of string beans, cutting off the two points and

removing all the strings, and then cook them partially in water

moderately salted. Take them from the kettle, drain, and brown with

butter, salt and pepper. Beat one yolk with a teaspoonful of flour and

the juice of half a small lemon, dilute with half a cup of cold broth

from which the fat has been removed and put this liquid on the fire in a

small saucepan stirring continually. When the liquid has become, through

the cooking, like a cream, pour it on the string beans that you will

keep on the fire a little longer, with the sauce. The string beans so

prepared can be served with boiled beef.

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Mussels With Egg Sauce

(Arselle in salsa d'uovo)

A good washing with fresh water is sufficient for mussels that do not

have any sand to be cleaned away. Put them on the fire with a sauce of

oil, garlic, parsley and a pinch of pepper. Shake them and keep the

saucepan covered seeing that they do not absorb all of the sauce. Take

them out when they are open and prepare the following sauce: one or more

yolks of egg, according to the quantity, lemon juice, one teaspoonful of

flour, broth and some of their own juice. Cook this sauce until it

becomes a smooth cream and pour it on the mussels when they are served.

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