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(Eggs) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Mix equal quantities of water and good meat gravy, two tablespoons each,
with a teaspoon of vinegar and a seasoning of pepper and salt. Put in a
stew-pan and stir in gradually two well-beaten, yolks of eggs. When it
thickens and before it boils, have ready a half dozen nicely poached
eggs and pour the sauce over them. Garnish with parsley.

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1 dozen eggs
3 very red beets
1 quart of cider vinegar
24 whole cloves
1 teaspoonful of mustard seed
1 saltspoonful of celery seed
1 teaspoonful of salt
2 saltspoonfuls of pepper
Hard-boil the eggs; plunge them into cold water and remove the shells.
Stick the cloves into the eggs. Pare the beets, cut them into blocks
and boil them in about a pint of water. To this water add the vinegar,
bring it to boiling point, add salt, pepper and the celery and mustard
seed. Put the eggs into a glass jar and pour over the boiling vinegar;
put on the tops and stand them aside for three weeks. A tablespoonful
of grated horseradish or a half cupful of nasturtium seeds will
improve the flavor and prevent mold.

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