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(Eggs) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Set to boil the following mixture: Pour into the kettle water to the
depth of about one inch, adding a little salt and half a cup of vinegar.
When this boils, break in as many fresh eggs, one at a time, as you
desire to have. Do this carefully so as not to break the yolks. As soon
as the whites of the eggs are boiled, take up carefully with a
perforated skimmer and lay in cold water. Then remove to a large platter
and pour over the following sauce: Strain the sauce the eggs were boiled
in and set away until you have rubbed or grated two hard-boiled eggs,
yolks only. Add a tablespoon of butter rubbed very hard and add also
some sugar and part of the strained sauce. Boil up once and pour over
the eggs. Garnish with parsley.

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