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Eggs Scotch

(Made Dishes.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take half a pound of the flesh of a fowl, or of veal, or any white meat

(dressed meat will do), mince it very small with half a pound of suet

and the crumb of a French roll soaked in cream, a little parsley, plenty

of lemon-peel shred very small, a little pepper, salt, and nutmeg; pound

all these together, adding a raw egg, till they become a paste. Boil as

many eggs as you want very hard; take out the yolks, roll them up in the

forcemeat, and make them the size and shape of an egg. Fry them till

they are of a light brown, and toss them up in a good brown sauce.

Quarter some hard-boiled eggs, and spread them over your dish.

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