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Elderberry Syrup

(Practical Cookery.) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

Wash and strain the berries, which should be perfectly ripe. To a pint

of juice, put a pint of molasses. Boil it twenty minutes, stirring it

constantly, then take it from the fire--when cold, add to each quart

four table-spoonsful of French brandy--bottle and cork it tight. This is

an excellent remedy for a tight cough.

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Elderberry Syrup

Pick the elderberries when full ripe; put them into a stone jar, and set

them in the oven, or in a kettle of boiling water, till the jar is hot

through. Take them out, and strain them through a coarse cloth, wringing

the berries. Put them into a clean kettle, with a pound of fine Lisbon

sugar to every quart of juice. Let it boil, and skim it well. When clear

and fine, put it into a jar. When cold, cover it down close, and, when

you make raisin wine, put to every gallon of wine half a pint of elder


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