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English Chicken Balls

(Chicken--uncooked) - (Made-over Dishes)

Carefully remove the bones from the legs of an uncooked chicken. To a half
cup of bread crumbs add twelve chopped almonds, two tablespoonfuls of
toasted piñon nuts, a tablespoonful of parsley, a half teaspoonful of salt
and a dash of cayenne; moisten with two tablespoonfuls of butter. Stuff
this into the spaces from which you have taken the bones, tie the legs top
and bottom to keep in the stuffing. Place the bones from the carcass of
the chicken in the soup kettle, cover with cold water, and when the water
reaches boiling point place the legs on top of the bones and cook
continuously for two hours. They may be served hot with sauce, or cold,
cut into thin slices garnished with aspic.

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