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(Passover Dishes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Have washed and scraped clean the nape or head and shoulders of halibut,
a shad, or any good firm fish; cut it up small and lay it in a stew-pan
with one pint of water and three or four good sized onions, fried in oil
a light brown; put them on top of the fish with a pinch of cayenne
pepper, and a teaspoon of ground ginger, with two teaspoons of salt; let
it all stew gently until it is done; if there should be too much gravy
on it before adding the sauce, take some off. Prepare two eggs and six
good sized lemons, squeezed and strained; then take some of the gravy
from the fish while it is boiling, add it to the lemon, with the two
eggs well beaten, and a tablespoon of potato flour; mix smoothly with
some chopped parsley; when all is well mixed, add it to the fish, shake
it gently for five minutes while it is boiling, taking care not to let
it burn; when it is sufficiently cooked let it stand for an hour and
serve it. Garnish with slices of lemon and parsley. To be eaten cold.
Take a sole or fillets of any delicate fish. Lay on a fireproof dish,
sprinkle with white pepper, salt and a little shalot, cover with claret
or white wine, and let it cook in the oven till done. Draw off the
liquor in a saucepan and let it boil up. Have ready the yolks of three
eggs, well stirred (not beaten), the juice of a lemon, and two ounces of
butter. Put all together in a bowl. Little by little add the hot sauce,
stirring all the time. Pour it over the fish, and sprinkle with chopped
parsley. Serve very hot. A few mushrooms are a palatable addition to
this dish.

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