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Epicurean Rolls

(Bread, Biscuit, And Rolls.) - (The Golden Age Cook Book)

Boil several potatoes and put them through a vegetable press or else

grate them, measure one cupful, one tablespoonful of sugar, half a yeast

cake dissolved in half a cup of tepid water, half a pint of milk, half a

cup of butter, one egg beaten separately, half a teaspoonful of salt,

and flour enough to make a soft dough. Set to rise at night. Pour a

third of a cup of boiling water over the potato, salt and sugar. Beat

smooth, and when tepid add the yeast, cover and set away to rise. In the

morning bring the milk to a boil, and melt the butter in it; when cool

enough add the beaten yolk and stir all into the potato sponge, beat the

white of egg to a stiff froth and add to the other ingredients, with

flour enough to make a soft dough; knead well and let it rise again;

when very light roll out about half an inch thick, cut with a round

biscuit-cutter, prick them with a fork, put in pans for a short time to

rise and bake from fifteen to twenty minutes. The most delicate and

delicious of rolls.

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