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Escalloped Egg Plant

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

1 egg plant, 2 tablespoonfuls butter, one teaspoonful salt, 1/3

teaspoonful pepper, 1 egg, 4 tablespoonfuls grated cheese, 1

tablespoonful Worcestershire sauce, 3 tablespoonfuls bread crumbs.

One good sized perfect egg plant. Let stand in cold water one hour. Do

not remove skin, but put the egg plant whole in a deep kettle of boiling

water, cover, and cook thirty minutes, or until tender. Be careful not

to break the skin while cooking. Drain on large platter and cool. Cut in

half and turn cut surfaces to platter while removing skin with knife and

fork. Egg plant discolors readily, also stains easily; so, keep covered

from the air when not preparing it. Use silver knife and fork for

chopping; porcelain frying pan for seasoning process and an earthen dish

for baking if you desire best results. Chop the plant moderately fine,

season with salt and pepper and simmer in two tablespoonfuls of butter

over a slow fire for ten minutes, keeping it closely covered. Add one

tablespoonful of Worcestershire Sauce after taking from the fire, and

divide the mixture into two equal portions. Put the first half into a

hot buttered baking dish; sprinkle over it one half of the grated cheese

and one tablespoonful of bread crumbs. Stir one well beaten egg into the

second portion; add to the first, cover with remainder of cheese and

finish with two tablespoonfuls of bread crumbs. Bake in moderately hot

oven for twenty minutes. Cover the dish for first five minutes, or until

the bread crumbs shall have lightly browned. Serve hot as an entree,

with or without tomato sauce, according to taste.

Other Recipes

Escalloped Egg Plant

Boil a small egg plant, cut it in half, take out the pulp, throwing away

the seeds and skin, chop the pulp fine and mix with it half a

teaspoonful of bread crumbs, one cup of cream or rich milk, butter the

size of an egg, an even teaspoonful of finely minced parsley, pepper and

salt to taste, and a few drops of onion juice. Beat all together, turn

into a baking dish, cover the top with dried bread crumbs and tiny bits

of butter and bake until brown. Serve in the dish in which it is baked.

If any is left over, cut in slices half an inch thick and fry in butter

for luncheon.

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