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From MRS. BERIAH WILKINS, of District of Columbia, Fifth Vice-
President, Board of Lady Managers.
Slice six raw potatoes as thin as wafers. This can be done with a
sharp knife, although there is a little instrument for the purpose, to
be had at the house furnishing stores, which flutes prettily as well
as slices evenly. Lay in ice water a few minutes; then put a layer in
the bottom of a pudding dish, and over this sprinkle salt and pepper
and small bits of butter; then another layer of potatoes and so on
until the dish is full. Pour over this a pint of milk, stick bits of
butter thickly over it, cover the dish, set it in the oven, bake half
an hour. Remove the cover if not sufficiently brown.

Other Recipes

Escalloped Sweet Potatoes

Boil the potatoes the day before. Peel and slice them rather thick. In

the bottom of a baking-dish put bits of butter, sprinkle sugar and put

a layer of potato. Then more butter, sugar and potato, until the pan is

full. Let the top be strewn with sugar and bits of butter and pour over

it a teacupful of water. Put it in the oven, and after it begins to

cook, once or twice moisten the top with a little butter and water to

dissolve the sugar and prevent its merely drying on top of the potato.

Use a teacupful of sugar and half a pound of butter to a half gallon pan

of potato. Bake slowly.

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