The Line of Heart is that Line which runs across the hand under the fingers and generally rises under the base of the first, and runs off the side of the hand under the base of the fourth or little finger). The Line of Heart relates purely to... Read more of The Line Of Heart As Indicating The Affectionate And Emotional Nature at Palm Readings.orgInformational Site Network Informational
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(General Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Put into a basin a pint of cream, to which add four ounces of powdered
white sugar, and the rind of a lemon rubbed on a lump of sugar, and a
glass of sherry wine; whisk them well and mix with it half an ounce
of dissolved isinglass, beat it all thoroughly together, and fill the
mould, which should be set in ice till wanted. A table spoonful of
marasquino added to the above, will make _Italian cream_. A table
spoonful of fresh or preserved pine-apple will make _pine-apple
cream_; this will require the addition of a little lemon syrup. A
table spoonful of ratafia, will make it _ratifia cream_.
The juice of strawberries or raspberries make fine fruit creams;
_mille fruit cream_ is made by mixing with the cream any kind of small
preserved fruit.

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