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(Cereals) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

To one-half cup of farina take one teaspoon of salt; pour gradually into
three cups of boiling water and cook the mixture in a double boiler for
about one hour.

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When the soup stock has been strained and every particle of fat removed,
return it to the kettle to boil. When it boils hard stir in carefully
quarter of a cup of farina, do this slowly to prevent the farina from
forming lumps. Stir into the soup bowl the yolk of one egg, add a
teaspoon of cold water. Pour the soup into the bowl gradually and stir
constantly until all has been poured into the bowl. Serve at once.

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Put in a double boiler one kitchen spoon of fresh butter, stir in one
cup of milk. When it begins to boil stir in enough farina to thicken.
Take off the stove and when cold add the yolks of two eggs and the
stiffly-beaten whites, and a little salt and nutmeg and one-half cup of
grated almonds if desired. Let cool, then make into little balls, and
ten minutes before soup is to be served, drop in boiler and let boil up
once or twice.
Two yolks of eggs beaten very light, add a pinch of salt, pepper and
finely-chopped parsley. Add six blanched almonds grated, enough sifted
flour to make stiff batter, then add the stiffly-beaten whites of eggs
and one-half teaspoon of baking powder. Drop by teaspoons in soup ten
minutes before serving.

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Beat yolks of four eggs with three tablespoons of goose, turkey or
chicken fat, but if these are not convenient, clear beef drippings will
do. Put in enough farina to make a good Batter. Beat whites of eggs to
a stiff froth with pinch of salt, and stir in batter. Put on in large
boiler sufficient water to boil dumplings and add one tablespoon of
salt. When boiling drop in by tablespoons. Boil one hour. This quantity
makes twenty dumplings.

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To one quart of milk add one-half cup of farina, salt, and a small piece
of butter. Boil in a double boiler until thick. Beat the yolks of four
eggs with four tablespoons of white sugar, and add this just before
taking off the fire. Stir it thoroughly, but do not let it boil any
more. Flavor with vanilla. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth
with pulverized sugar. After the eggs have been whipped, butter a
pudding dish, put in part of the custard, in which you have mixed the
whites (If you have any extra whites of eggs beat and use them also),
then a layer of stewed or canned peaches; cover with the remaining
custard and bake. Eat with rum sauce.

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One and one-half pints of milk with nine level tablespoons of sugar,
five bitter and five sweet almonds chopped fine, brought to boiling
point, and twelve level tablespoons of farina dropped in slowly and
stirred constantly. Cook for twelve minutes, add vanilla to taste, then
add slowly the beaten whites of five eggs. Put it in a form and when
cold serve with a fruit sauce.

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Farina Gems

2 cupfuls of milk
1/2 cupful of sugar
2 eggs
1 cupful of left-over farina or cream of wheat
1 teaspoonful of vanilla
Put the milk in a double boiler, add the sugar and cold farina porridge.
Stir until thoroughly hot, then add the eggs, well beaten, and the
vanilla. Turn into a baking dish and run in the oven until brown. Serve
cold, with milk or cream.

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Plain Farina Pudding

2 cupfuls of cold left-over farina porridge
1/2 cupful of cranberries
1/2 cupful of sugar
It is wise to pour the porridge into a mold as soon as you finish
breakfast. At serving time turn this out in a glass dish, pour over the
cranberry that has been pressed through a sieve; dust thickly with the
sugar. Stir the remaining sugar into a half pint of milk or cream and
serve as a sauce with the pudding.

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Cranberry Farina Pudding

Pour the left-over breakfast porridge into a square mold and stand it
aside. At luncheon or dinner time cut this into thin slices, cover the
bottom of a baking dish with these slices, and cover these with sliced
apples, and so continue until you have the ingredients used, having the
last layer apples. Beat an egg, without separating, until light, add a
half cupful of milk and a saltspoonful of salt, then stir in a half cupful
of flour. When smooth pour this over the apples and bake in a quick oven
a half hour. Serve with milk or with hard sauce.

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Apple Farina Pudding

Cut bits of whole wheat bread into dice. Use a half cup of any fruit that
may have been left over, prunes, raisins, chopped dates or candied fruit.
Grease an ordinary melon mold; put a layer of the bread in the bottom,
then a layer of the fruit, and so continue until you have the mold filled.
Beat three eggs, without separating, with four tablespoonfuls of sugar;
add a pint of milk; pour this carefully over the bread; let it stand for
ten minutes; then put the lid on the mold, and steam or boil continuously
for one hour. Serve with lemon or orange sauce.

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Farina Cakes

(Pasticcini di semolino)

Farina, six and a half ounces.

Sugar, three and a half ounces.

Pine-seeds, two ounces.

Butter, a small piece.

Milk, one quart.

Four eggs.

A pinch of salt.

Taste of lemon peel.

Cook the farina in the milk and when it begins to thicken pour the

pine-seeds, previously chopped fine and pounded with the sugar, then the

butter and the rest, less the eggs which must be put in last when the

mixture has completely cooled. Then place the whole well mixed in little

molds, greased evenly with butter and sprinkled with bread crumbs ground

fine, and bake.

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