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Fig Pudding

(Puddings.) - (My Recipes Tried And True)


One cup suet, one half pound figs cut fine, two cups bread-crumbs, one

cup flour, one half cup brown sugar, one egg, one cup of milk, two

teaspoonfuls of baking powder, steam three hours.

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From MRS. GEORGE A. MUMFORD, of Rhode Island, Alternate Lady Manager.
One and one-half cups of Graham flour; one cup of milk; one-half cup
of molasses; one cup of raisins, seeded and chopped; one teaspoonful
soda; one-half teaspoonful salt. Sift the Graham flour to make it
light, but return the bran. Dissolve the soda in one tablespoonful of
the milk and add the remainder of the milk, molasses and salt. Then
pour all the mixture on the Graham flour, beating it thoroughly with a
spoon; then stir in the fruit (and spice if you wish). Pour the
pudding into a well greased mould and steam four hours. Serve with a
wine or any rich sauce.

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Fig Pudding

Chop one-half pound beef suet and work with the hands until creamy, then

add one-half pound figs finely chopped, and again work with the hands

until thoroughly blended. Soak two cups stale bread crumbs in one-half

cup milk thirty minutes. Add two eggs well beaten, one cup sugar and

three-fourths teaspoonful salt. Combine the mixture, beat vigorously,

turn into a buttered mold, steam over three hours, remove from the mold

and serve with sauce. Serve ten or eleven persons.

Sauce for Pudding.

Yolks of two eggs beaten light, two-thirds cup powdered sugar, one

teaspoonful vanilla. Add one-half pint cream, whipped just before

serving. Whites of eggs may be used instead of whipped cream.

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Fig Pudding

2 cups bread crumbs, 1 of currants, 1 of chopped raisins, 1 of figs, 1

of suet, 3 eggs, well-beaten, 2 cups milk, 1 of brown sugar. Steam four


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Rice And Fig Pudding

may be made according to the preceding recipe, steaming or stewing the

figs a little and chopping slightly.

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