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(Sandwiches) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Remove the stems and chop the figs fine. Put in a double boiler with a
little water and cook until a paste is formed. Add a few drops of lemon
juice; set aside; when cool spread on thin slices of buttered bread.

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Wash equal quantities of dates and figs; stone the dates; add blanched
almonds in quantity about one-fourth of the entire bulk; then run the
whole mixture through a food chopper. Moisten with orange juice and
press tightly into baking-powder tins. When ready to use, dip the box in
hot water; turn out the mixture; slice and place between thin slices of
buttered bread.

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14 Fig Sandwiches

Cook twelve figs in as little water as possible. When tender drain dry.

Chop the figs fine, spread on slices of buttered bread. Put two

together. Press them and trim.

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Fig Sandwiches

Split a dozen figs and scrape out the soft portion, rejecting the skins;

work this to a paste. Cut the slices of bread from the loaf, buttering

before you cut them; make them quite thin. Remove the crusts, and spread

this thick paste over the bread and roll carefully; press for a moment

until there is no danger of the roll opening; roll each in a piece of

tissue paper; twist the ends as you would an old-fashioned "secret," or

they may be tied with baby ribbon. These are exceedingly wholesome and


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