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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take a large, solid head of cabbage; take off the large top leaves, and
scoop out the centre of the cabbage so as to leave the outside leaves
intact for refilling. Chop your cabbage fine as for slaw; take a quarter
of a loaf of stale bread, soak it in water and squeeze very dry. Heat
two tablespoons of drippings in a spider, add a large-sized onion
chopped fine, do not let the onion get too brown; then add the bread,
one pound of chopped beef well minced and the chopped cabbage and let it
get well heated; take off stove and add two eggs, pepper, salt, nutmeg,
a little parsley and a little sage, season very highly. Use a little
more cabbage than bread the filling. Put this all back in the cabbage,
and cover this with the large leaves, put into small bread-pan and bake
for two hours, put just enough water in to keep the pan from burning;
don't baste. It doesn't harm if the leaves scorch.

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