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(Fish) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Parboil ten minutes and then broil like fresh fish.
To bake, place the fish in a pan, add one cup of milk and one cup of
water; cover. Cook ten minutes in hot oven. Remove cover, drain, spread
with butter and season with pepper.

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Break up and cook until tender about a package of macaroni. Pick up the
finnan haddie until you have about three-quarters as much as you have
macaroni. Mix in a greased baking-dish and pour over a drawn butter
sauce, made with cornstarch or with any good milk or cream dressing,
then cover with bread or cracker crumbs or leave plain to brown in oven.
Bake from twenty to thirty minutes.

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Finnan Haddie

Boil a three-pound haddock until the skin comes off easily, remove every

particle of bone, cut into small pieces, shred; put one-half pint cream

into a chafing dish, add three finely-chopped hard-boiled eggs, rub

together two rounded tablespoonfuls flour and two of butter, add to the

other ingredients. Now light the lamp under the chafing dish. Stir until

the mixture begins to thicken, then blend a raw yolk and add it to the

haddie. Sprinkle with finely-chopped parsley and serve on toast. Should

there not be quite enough sauce, sweet cream may be added.

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Finnan Haddie A La Delmonico

Cover a small piece of finnan haddie with cold water, place on back of

range and allow water to heat gradually to boiling point, then keep

below boiling point for twenty minutes. Drain, rinse thoroughly, and

separate into flakes; there should be two tablespoons. Reheat over hot

water with one hard boiled egg thinly sliced in two tablespoons heavy

cream. Season with salt and paprika, add one teaspoon butter and

sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.

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Finnan Haddies From Delmonico's

1/2 pound of fish picked up and braized in butter and cooked in the

following sauce: 1 cup of cream over hard boiled egg cut in squares; the

yolk of 1 raw egg; a tablespoonful of Edan cheese, a little flour to

thicken; a little pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Serve on toast.

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Finnan Haddie

Finnan Haddie can be served in several ways. After washing and wiping

off with a cloth, it can be buttered, seasoned with salt and pepper and

either broiled or fried. Or it is even better if boiled first for five

minutes (put on it cold water), then picked into small flakes and

stirred into our little maid's standby, white sauce. After cooking five

minutes longer, it should be served on rounds of hot buttered toast,

garnished with parsley.

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