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Fish Curry

(Curry.) - (The Khaki Kook Book)

Fish curry is usually made with cocoanut milk instead of water, but this

is not necessary. It should always be acidulated.

Prepare a sauce, as in No. 10, using, if preferred, cocoanut milk

instead of water. Also add a little finely-minced garlic and green

peppers. Put the raw fish in this and simmer together until the fish is

cooked. Serve with rice. Spanish rice is excellent with fish curry. (No.


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How To Make A Fish Curry

Slice up six onions fine, and fry them with a little butter or grease

over a slow fire until they become very lightly coloured; then add three

or four green apples in slices, and when these are dissolved, place your

pieces of any kind of fish, which you have previously fried in a

frying-pan, on the top of the onions, etc., sprinkle a spoonful of curry

powder all over the fish, put the lid on the saucepan, and set the

whole on the hob of a moderate fire, or in the oven, if you have one, to

remain simmering for about half an hour; the curry will then be ready to

be eaten with well-boiled rice.

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Salt Fish Curry

Cut the salt fish into rather small pieces, and soak until no longer

very salty.

While it is soaking, fry in plenty of oil or crisco one bunch of green

onions, cut up tops and all, a teaspoonful of curry powder, and three

half-ripe tomatoes. The tomatoes may be dipped in batter or crumbs. When

these are fried add the salt fish. Simmer together for a while. Serve

with rice. Eggplant is excellent in this curry instead of tomatoes.

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