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(Fish.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Cut in small pieces any cold dressed fish, turbot or salmon are the
best suited; mix it with half a pint of small salad, and a lettuce
cut small, two onions boiled till tender and mild, and a few truffles
thinly sliced; pour over a fine salad mixture, and arrange it into a
shape, high in the centre, and garnish with hard eggs cut in slices;
a little cucumber mixed with the salad is an improvement. The mixture
may either be a common salad mixture, or made as follows: take the
yolks of three hard boiled eggs, with a spoonful of mustard, and a
little salt, mix these with a cup of cream, and four table-spoonsful
of vinegar, the different ingredients should be added carefully and
worked together smoothly, the whites of the eggs may be trimmed and
placed in small heaps round the dish as a garnish.

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Take one pound cold boiled fish left over from the day previous, or boil
fresh fish and let cool, then skin, bone and flake. If fresh fish is
used, mix two tablespoons of vinegar, a pinch of salt and pepper with
the fish. Make a mayonnaise dressing (French mayonnaise preferred), and
mix half with the fish, leaving other half to spread over top of salad,
after it is put in bowl. Serve either with or without lettuce leaves.

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Boil four pounds of halibut, cool and shred fish. Marinate the fish as
directed. When ready to serve add six hard-boiled eggs chopped, and one
pint bottle of pickles or chow-chow. The pickle may be omitted and
celery cut fine be added. When these are well mixed serve on lettuce
leaves with mayonnaise dressing, of which one pint will be required.

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Cold Boiled Fish--4d.

1 Lettuce--1/2d.

1 Egg--1d.

Salad Dressing, or Remoulade Sauce--4d.

Total Cost--91/2 d.

Make a salad dressing the same as that given for lettuce salad; flake
up the fish free from skin and bone. Wash and dry the lettuce and shred
it up, mix the fish with the dressing. Put a layer of lettuce at the
bottom of the bowl, then one of fish and dressing. Do this
alternatively, leaving plenty of lettuce for the top; garnish with hard
boiled eggs cut into slices.

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Cut cold boiled lobster into small pieces. Marinate with French
dressing; arrange on lettuce leaves; cover with mayonnaise and garnish
with lobster claws, olives and hard-boiled eggs. For boiled lobster
see page 31.

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From MRS. THERESA J. COCHRAN, of Vermont, Alternate Lady Manager.
Mix together one-half cup of sugar, one teaspoonful of mustard, one
teaspoonful of salt, one-half teaspoonful black pepper; then add three
well beaten eggs, one-half cup of vinegar, six tablespoonfuls of
cream, three of butter. Cook the same as boiled custard in a kettle of
water; when cold add the cabbage chopped fine.

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25 Fish Salad

Take cold baked or boiled fish. Pick into small pieces. Cover with

mayonnaise dressing. Garnish with sliced cucumber and serve.

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Fish Salad I

Remove salmon from can, rinse thoroughly with hot water and separate

in flakes; there should be one-fourth cup. Mix one-eighth teaspoon

salt, a few grains, each, mustard and paprika, one teaspoon melted

butter, one-half tablespoon cream, one tablespoon water, one-half

tablespoon vinegar and yolk of one egg; cook over hot water until

mixture thickens; then add one-fourth teaspoon granulated gelatin

soaked in one teaspoon cold water. Add to salmon, mould, chill, and

serve with cucumber sauce.

Cucumber Sauce.--Pare one-fourth cucumber; chop, drain, and add French

dressing to taste.

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Codfish Salad

1 piece of codfish

1/2 cup diluted vinegar

black pepper to season

1 cup cold boiled potatoes, slices very thin

1 tablespoon chopped parsley

1 hard boiled egg

1 teaspoon olive oil

Soak fish over night. Place in fresh water and bring to the boiling

point. Do not allow it to boil. Take out fish and shred. Remove all skin

and bones. Allow it to cool.

Add potatoes, parsley, pepper, oil and vinegar.

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Fish Salad Sandwiches

Flake one can of salmon, or an equal quantity of cold boiled fish. Add

to it a half teaspoonful of salt, a dash of cayenne and one ordinary

cucumber, grated and drained. Just before serving time butter the bread,

cut it into thin slices, put over the top a layer of the flaked fish,

then a thin layer of mayonnaise or sandwich dressing and another

covering of bread. Press together, trim the crusts and cut directly

across the slice, making two long sandwiches about an inch and a half to

two inches wide.

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Canned Fish Salads

For salad, take either shrimps, lobster or salmon, and after breaking in

small pieces, add an equal amount of celery, season with salt and

moisten with salad dressing. Serve on lettuce.

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