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Fish Sauce No 1

(Sauces.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

One pound of anchovies, stripped from the salt, and rinsed in a little

port wine, a quarter of an ounce of mace, twelve cloves, two races of

ginger sliced, a small onion or shalot, a small sprig of thyme, and

winter savory, put into a quart of port wine, and half a pint of

vinegar. Stew them over a slow fire covered close; strain the liquor

through a hair sieve, cover it till cold, and put it in dry bottles. By

adding a pint of port wine and the wine strained that the anchovies were

rinsed in you may make an inferior sort. When used, shake it up: take

two spoonfuls to a quarter of pound of butter; if not thick enough add a

little flour.

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Fish Sauce No 10

Boil a bit of horseradish and anchovy in gravy with a little lemon-peel

and mace; add some cream; thicken it with flour and butter. If you have

no gravy, ketchup is a good substitute; but a little always put in is


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Fish Sauce No 11

Boil a piece or two of horseradish in gravy; put into it a bit of mace

and lemon-peel; add a little anchovy, either before or after it has been

boiled; thicken with cream, and add a spoonful of elderberry vinegar:

let the acid be the last thing for fear of curdling it. If you have no

gravy, ketchup and water is a good substitute.

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Fish Sauce No 12

Take a quarter of a pint of gravy, well boiled with a bit of onion,

lemon-peel, and horseradish, four or five cloves, a blade of mace, and a

spoonful of ketchup; boil it till it is reduced to four or five

spoonfuls; then strain it off, and put to it four or five spoonfuls of

cream; thicken it with butter, and put in a spoonful of elder vinegar or

lemon-juice: anchovies are sometimes added.

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Fish Sauce No 13

Take two quarts of claret or port, a pint, or more, to your taste, of

the best vinegar, which should be tart, one pound of anchovies unwashed,

the pickle of them and all, half an ounce of mace, half a quarter of an

ounce of cloves, six or eight races of ginger, a good piece of

horseradish, a spoonful of cayenne pepper, half the peel of a lemon, a

bunch of winter savory and thyme, and three or four onions, a piece of

garlic, and one shalot. Stew all these over a slow fire for an hour;

then strain the liquor through a coarse sieve, and bottle it. You may

stew the ingredients over again with more wine and vinegar for present

use. When you use it, it must be put into the saucepan with the butter,

instead of water, and melt it together. If you keep it close stopped, it

will be good many years.

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Fish Sauce No 14

Take twenty-four large anchovies, bones and all, ten or twelve shalots,

a handful of horseradish, four blades of mace, one quart of Rhenish, or

any white wine, one pint of water, one lemon cut in slices, half a pint

of anchovy liquor, one pint of claret, twelve cloves, half a

tea-spoonful of cayenne pepper: boil them till reduced to a quart;

strain off and bottle the liquor. Two spoonfuls will be sufficient to

one pound of butter.

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Fish Sauce No 15

A spoonful of red wine, and the same of anchovy liquor, put into melted


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