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(Pudding Sauces) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Cream one-quarter cup of butter with one cup of powdered sugar, until
very light. Add separately the unbeaten whites of two eggs, stirring
briskly and beat again. Add one teaspoon of vanilla and one-half cup of
hot water. Pour in sauceboat, and place boat in a pan of boiling water
on stove, until it becomes frothy then serve immediately.

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From MRS. SCHUYLER. COLFAX, of Indiana, Alternate Lady Manager-at-
Pare and core tart apples; fill the centers with sugar, butter and a
small pinch of cinnamon or a little grated nutmeg. Make a rich, light
pie crust, roll, cut in squares, fold a square around each apple, put
them into a buttered pan. Now cream together half a cup of butter and
a cup of sugar, and put over the whole, when they are ready for the
oven, pour a little cold water into the pan, and bake slowly an hour
and a half or two hours.

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Foam Sauce

One cup sugar, one egg; beat well together, add four tablespoons

boiling milk. Flavor with vanilla.--Mrs. W. H. Nash.

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