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Forcemeat Balls For Sauces

(Sauces.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

To make forcemeat balls for soups, without grease, commonly called

quenelles, soak the crumb of two penny rolls in milk for about half an

hour; take it out, and squeeze out the milk; put the bread into a

stewpan, with a little white sauce, made of veal jelly, a little butter,

flour, and cream, seasoned, a spoonful of beef or mutton jelly, some

parsley, shalots, and thyme, minced very fine. Stew these herbs in a

little butter, to take off their rawness. Set them to reduce the panada

of bread and milk, which you must keep constantly stirring with a wooden

spoon, when the panada begins to get dry in the pan, which prevents its

sticking; when quite firm, take it from the fire, and mix with it the

yolks of two eggs. Let it cool, and use when wanted.

This panada must always be prepared beforehand, in order to have it

cold, for it cannot be used warm; when cold, roll it into balls, but let

them be small; pound the whole as large as possible in a mortar, for the

more they are pounded the more delicate they are. Then break two eggs,

and pound them likewise; season with a pinch of cayenne pepper, salt,

and spices, in powder. When the whole is well mixed together, try a

small bit, rolling it with a little flour, then putting it into boiling

water with a little salt; if it should not be firm enough, add another

egg, without beating the white. When the whole is mixed once more, rub

it through a sieve, roll it into balls, and serve up hot in sauces.

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