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French Cheese

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Boil two pints of milk and one of cream, with a blade of mace and a

little cinnamon: put the yolks of three eggs and the whites of two, well

beaten, into your milk, and set on the fire again, stirring it all the

while till it boils. Take it off, and stir it till it is a little

cooled; then put in the juice of two lemons, and let it stand awhile

with the lemons in it. Put it in a linen strainer, and hang it up to

drain out the whey. When it is drained dry, take it down, and put to it

a spoonful or two of rose-water, and sweeten it to your taste: put it

into your pan, which must be full of holes; let it stand a little; put

it into your dish with cream, and stick some blanched almonds about it.

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