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(Beverages) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Have your coffee ground very fine and use a French drip coffee-pot.
Instead of pouring through water, pour milk through, brought just to the
boiling point. The milk passes through slowly, and care must be taken
not to let scum form on the milk.

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Soak one cake of compressed yeast in a little lukewarm water or milk.
Put the yeast in a cup, add two tablespoons of lukewarm water, a pinch
of salt and one tablespoon of sugar, stir it up well with a spoon and
set back of the stove to rise. Rub one-half cup of butter to a cream,
add one-third cup of powdered sugar and stir constantly in one
direction. Add the yolks of four eggs, one at a time, and the grated
peel of a lemon. Sift two cups of flour into a bowl, make a depression
in the centre of the flour, pour in the yeast and one cup of lukewarm
milk. Stir and make a light batter of this. Add the creamed butter and
eggs, stir until it forms blisters and leaves the bowl clean; one-half
cup of dark raisins, one-half cup of pounded almonds and a little
citron, cut up very fine, and last the stiff-beaten whites of the eggs.
Fill your cake forms which have been well-greased, set in a warm place
to rise until double in bulk, about forty-five minutes, and bake in a
moderate oven forty-five minutes. Fill the centre with whipped cream and
serve with rum sauce.

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