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French Rolls No 1

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Seven pounds of flour, four eggs leaving out two yolks--the whites of

the eggs should be beaten to a snow--three quarters of a pint of ale

yest. Beat the eggs and yest together, adding warm milk; put it so beat

into the flour, in which must be well rubbed four ounces of butter; wet

the whole into a soft paste. Keep beating it in the bowl with your hand

for a quarter of an hour at least; let it stand by the fire half an

hour, then make it into rolls, and put them into pans or dishes, first

well floured, or, what is still better, iron moulds, which are made on

purpose to bake rolls in. Let them stand by the fire another half hour,

and put them, bottom upwards, on tin plates, in the middle of a hot oven

for three quarters of an hour or more: take them out, and rasp them.

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