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French Rolls No 2

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take two or three spoonfuls of good yest, as much warm water, two or

three lumps of loaf-sugar, and the yolk of an egg. Mix all together; let

it stand to rise. Meanwhile take a quartern of the finest flour, and rub

in about an ounce of butter. Then take a quart of new milk, and put into

it a pint of boiling water, so as to make it rather warmer than new milk

from the cow. Mix together the milk and yest, and strain through a sieve

into the flour, and, when you have made it into a light paste, flour a

piece of clean linen cloth well, lay it upon a thick double flannel, put

your paste into the cloth, wrap it up close, and put it in an earthen

pan before the fire till it rises. Make it up into ten rolls, and put

them into a quick oven for a quarter of an hour.

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