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(Soups.) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

3 Potatoes

3 Carrots

2 Turnips--1 1/2d.

2 quarts Bone Stock


2 Onions

1/2 stalk Celery--1d.

1 oz. Butter--1d.

1 teaspoonful Sugar


Total Cost--4d.

Time--One Hour.

Peel and slice up the vegetables and sprinkle them with the sugar and
salt, and put them into a saucepan with the butter, and sweat for five
minutes. Pour over the boiling stock and stir until it boils; boil
slowly for an hour, then rub through a sieve. If it is too thick,
reduce it with a little more stock or milk, return to a saucepan, and
bring to the boil. When tomatoes are in season slice up two with the
other vegetables; these will make the soup a good colour and improve
the flavour.

Other Recipes

French Soup

Take the scrag end of a neck of mutton, or two pounds of any meat, and

make it into very strong broth; then take one large cabbage, three

lettuces, three carrots, one root of celery, and two onions; cut them

all small, and fry them with butter. Pour your broth upon your

vegetables a little at a time, cover it up close, and let it stew three

hours or more. Serve with the vegetables.

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