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(Poultry) - (The New Dr. Price Cookbook)

Singe, wash and clean chicken; cut into pieces as follows; two second
joints, two drumsticks, two wings, breast cut into two pieces,
backbone cut into four pieces. Wipe with piece of cheesecloth; season
with salt and pepper and dredge in flour. Put into hot frying pan with
2 tablespoons bacon drippings or butter and brown quickly. Add a
little water, cover, reduce heat and cook slowly until tender. Remove
chicken; mix 1 tablespoon flour with whatever gravy or fat is in pan;
add 1 cup cold milk; boil until thick. This gravy should be rich cream

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Brown Fricassee Of Chicken

This is a brown fricassee of chicken, and is an excellent dish. No doubt

the reason it is so seldom given is that, although easy enough to do, it

requires care and attention in finishing it. Many of the best cooks, in

the preparation of chickens for fricassee, cut them up before cooking,

but we prefer to boil them whole, and afterwards to divide them, as the

flesh thus is less apt to shrink and get dry. The chicken can be slowly

boiled in plain water, with salt and onions, or, as is much better, in

white broth of any kind. When the chicken is tender cut it up; take the

back, and the skin, pinions of the wings, and pieces which do not seem

nice enough for a superior dish, and boil them in a quart of the liquor

in which it was boiled. Add mushroom trimmings, onions, and a sprig of

thyme; boil down to one-half, then strain, take off all fat, and stir

over the fire with the yolk of two eggs and an ounce of fine flour until

thickened. Dip each piece of chicken in some of this sauce, and when

they are cold pass them through fine bread-crumbs, then in the yolk of

egg, and crumb again. Fry carefully in hot fat. Dish the chicken with a

border of fried parsley, and the remainder of the gravy poured round the

dish. This dish is generally prepared by French cooks by frying the

chicken in oil, and seasoning with garlic; but unless the taste of the

guests is well known, it is safer to follow the above recipe.

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