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(Poultry) - (The New Dr. Price Cookbook)

Boil neck, gizzard and wing tips together until tender. Pour off
excess of fat in pan in which poultry has been roasted; add enough
stock from the gizzard and neck to make 3 cups of gravy. Chop gizzard,
liver and heart and add; add 1 teaspoon finely cut onion, 1 teaspoon
salt, 1/8 teaspoon pepper, 2 tablespoons flour mixed with a little
cold water and boil 3 minutes.

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Fried Chicken, Maryland Style

Cut up a chicken, and season with salt, pepper and a little mace. Dip
the pieces into beaten egg, then roll in flour and fry in lard and
butter until brown. Take out the chicken and in the pan put a large
piece of butter with a little flour. As soon as it froths up stir in
milk until thick. Let it boil a minute and pour over the chicken.

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Cut one small spring chicken in pieces, dip each piece in a batter
composed of 1 beaten egg, 1 cup of milk, a pinch of salt, 1/2
teaspoonful of baking powder, sifted with flour enough to form a
batter. Dip the pieces of chicken in this batter, one at a time, and
fry slowly in a pan containing a couple tablespoonfuls of hot butter
and lard, until a golden brown. Place the fried chicken on a platter.
Make a gravy by adding to the fat remaining in the pan--1 cup of milk,
1 tablespoonful of corn starch. Allow this to brown and thicken. Then
pour the gravy over the chicken and serve garnished with parsley or

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Kill the fowls the night before; clean, cut and set on ice until
needed the next day. Flour and sprinkle with salt and pepper; pour
boiling water over it, and stew three-quarters of an hour. Add
sufficient butter to fry a light brown.

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Spanish Fried Chicken.

Lard a round of beef with slices of bacon and put in a large saucepan.
Cover and let brown a few minutes. Add sliced onion and boiling water
to cover. Let cook slowly until tender; then scrape 6 carrots and cut
thin; add 2 sliced onions, 2 cloves of garlic and let cook until
tender. Thicken with butter and flour. Season highly with salt, pepper
and parsley; add to the meat, and let all cook together a half hour
and serve hot.

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Fried Chicken

(Pollo fritto)

Wash a spring chicken and keep in boiling water for one minute. Cut into

pieces at the joints, roll them in flour, season with salt and pepper

and dip in two whole beaten eggs. After leaving the pieces of chicken

for half an hour, roll them in bread crumbs, repeating the operation

twice if necessary. Put into a saucepan with boiling oil or fat, seeing

that the pieces of chicken are well browned on both sides. Keep the fire

low. Serve hot with lemon.

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Fried Chicken

Dip the pieces of chicken saved from the Sunday dinner

into a batter made according to the following receipt, and fry it a

delicate brown color in quarter of a pound of olive oil or sweet

drippings, or lard, (cost three cents,) heated until it is smoking hot.

Before you begin to fry the chicken, wash one quart of potatoes, (cost

three cents,) pare off a ring from each, and put them to boil in plenty

of well salted boiling water. When the chicken is done take it up with a

strainer, and lay it for a few minutes on brown paper to free it from

fat; then serve it hot, with the boiled potatoes.

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