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Fried Mushrooms

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Pare the mushrooms, cut off their stems, lay them on their heads in a

frying pan in which a tablespoonful of butter has been melted, put a bit

of butter into each cap, let them cook in their own liquor and the

butter until thoroughly done. Season with salt and butter and serve hot.

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Fried Mushrooms

(Funghi fritti)

Choose middle-sized mushrooms, which are also of the right ripeness:

when they are too big they are too soft and if small they are too hard.

Scrape the stems, wash them carefully but do not keep in water, for then

they would lose their pleasant odor. Then cut them in rather large

slices and dip them in flour before putting in the frying pan. Olive oil

is best for frying mushrooms and the seasoning is composed exclusively

of salt and pepper to be applied when they are frying. They can also be

dipped in beaten eggs after being sprinkled with flour, but this is


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