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Procure fine, large, fresh oysters for frying. Drain in a colander
carefully, look over, and discard any pieces of shell. Roll each
oyster in fine, dried bread crumbs, well seasoned with salt and
pepper, then dip them in a lightly-beaten egg, and then in bread
crumbs. Allow them to stand several hours in a cool place before
frying. Place a few oysters at one time in a wire frying basket, and
immerse in smoking hot fat. Should too great a number of oysters be
placed in the fat at one time it would lower the temperature of the
fat and cause the oysters to become greasy. Drain the oysters when
fried on heavy, brown paper, to absorb any remaining fat, and serve at
For all deep frying use two-thirds lard and one-third suet, as suet is
considered to be more wholesome and cheaper than lard. Two items to be
considered by the frugal housewife.
If fat for deep frying is the right temperature a crust is at once
formed, and the oysters do not absorb as great a quantity of fat as
when fried in only enough butter and drippings to prevent scorching,
as they must then be fried more slowly. Serve pickled cabbage and
tomato catsup when serving fried oysters.

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Place New York counts in a colander to drain for a few minutes. With
a fork remove them separately to a dry towel. Place another towel
over them, allowing them to remain until all moisture is absorbed.
Have ready the beaten yolks of three eggs and a quantity of rolled
cracker, salted and peppered. Dip each oyster separately, first into
egg, then into cracker. When all have been thus dipped, have ready a
hot spider, into which drop four heaping tablespoons of butter. When
butter is melted, place in the oysters, one by one; fry a light brown,
then turn. Serve very hot.

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25 oysters
2 cups bread crumbs
1/4 cup milk
2 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
Grease dish and cover bottom with bread crumbs, then lay oysters in
carefully; season and cover with bread crumbs; pour over milk and
cover top with butter; bake in hot oven 15 to 20 minutes.

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Three pints of large fresh oysters.
Two table-spoonfuls of butter, rolled in flour.
A bunch of sweet herbs.
A saucer full of chopped celery.
A quart of rich milk.
Pepper to your taste.
Take the liquor of three pints of oysters. Strain it, and set it
on the fire. Put into it, pepper to your taste, two table-spoonfuls
of butter rolled in flour, and a bunch of sweet marjoram and
other pot-herbs, with a saucer full of chopped celery. When it
boils, add a quart of rich milk-and as soon as it boils again,
take out the herbs, and put in the oysters just before you send
it to table. Boiling them in the soup will shrivel them and
destroy their taste.

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Fried Oysters

One pint large oysters, one-half cup flour, one-half cup milk, one-half

teaspoonful salt, one-half cup fresh tomato catsup. Mix thoroughly the

flour, milk, catsup and salt; dip oysters into mixture, then roll in

cracker crumbs. Fry in sweet, fresh lard until a dark brown. Serve very


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Fried Oysters

You shapeless nothing, in a dish!

You, that are but almost a fish!


The largest and finest oysters should be chosen for frying. Simmer them

in their own liquor for a couple of minutes; take them out, and lay them

on a cloth to drain; beard them, and then flour them, egg and breadcrumb

them, put them into boiling fat, and fry them a delicate brown.

A much better way is to beat the yolks of eggs, and mix with the grated

bread, a small quantity of beaten nutmeg and mace, and a little salt.

Having stirred this batter well, dip your oysters into it, and fry them

in lard, till they are a light brown color. Take care not to do them too

much. Serve them up hot. For grated bread, some substitute crackers

pounded to a powder, and mixed with yolk of egg and spice.

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Virginia Fried Oysters

Make a batter of four tablespoons of sifted flour, one tablespoon of

olive oil or melted butter, two well-beaten whites of eggs, one-half

teaspoon of salt, and warm water enough to make a batter that will drop

easily. Sprinkle the oysters lightly with salt and white pepper or

paprika. Dip in the batter and fry to a golden brown.

Drain, and serve on a hot platter, with slices of lemon around them.

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Fried Oysters

To fry oysters, select large, choice ones, and dry in a napkin. Taking

one at a time, roll in cracker crumbs, season with salt and pepper, dip

in beaten egg, and cover thoroughly again with the rolled cracker.

Spread out on a bread board and allow to stand a little while for this

covering to set, then cook either in a skillet with a small amount of

butter, or in deep fat, until lightly browned. Lift on to a piece of

wrapping paper to drain, but keep hot, and serve garnished with parsley

and sliced lemon.

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