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Separate four eggs; beat the yolks until light; add to them one quart
of sweet milk, a little salt. Beat the whites very stiff; stir in one
quart of flour, and the whites, half and half, with one teaspoonful of
baking powder. In a tablespoonful of batter, place a slice of nice
sour apple; drop into hot lard, and fry nice brown on both sides.
Serve hot, with butter and syrup.
Make oyster fritters the same way, using fine large oysters in place
of apples.
ORANGE FRITTERS.--Made in same way, using slices of orange instead of
PINEAPPLE FRITTERS.--Made in same manner, only stir into the batter a
pineapple, grated or chopped fine.

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Make a force-meat of any cold fish, form it into thin cakes, and fry
of a light brown, or enclose them first in thin paste and then fry
them. The roes of fish or the livers are particularly nice prepared in
this way.

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Take off the crust of a long round French roll; cut the crumb in thin
slices, soak them in boiling milk, taking care they do not break; have
a dish ready with several eggs beaten up, and with a fish slice remove
the bread from the milk, letting the milk drain off, dip them into the
dish of eggs, and half fry them in fine salad oil, they must then
be again soaked in the milk and dipped the egg, and then fried of a
handsome light brown; while hot, pour over clarified sugar, flavored
with cinnamon and orange flower water.

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Take two spoonful of the best Florence oil, scald it, and when hot,
mix with it one pound of flour, add four beaten eggs and make it into
a paste, roll it out thin and cut it into pieces about four inches
square, let them dry and fry them in oil; the moment the pieces are
put in the frying pan, they must be drawn up with two silver skewers
into different forms according to fancy; a few minutes is sufficient
to fry them, they should be crisp when done.

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Boil half a pound of rice, in a small quantity of water, to a jelly;
let it cool, and beat it up with six eggs, three spoonsful of flour, a
little grated lemon peel, fry like fritters, either in butter or oil,
and serve with white sugar sifted over them.

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Mix into a smooth batter a tea-cup of biscuit powder with beaten eggs,
and sweeten with white sifted sugar; add grated lemon peel, and a
spoonful of orange flower-water, and fry of a light brown; the flavor
may be varied by substituting a few beaten almonds, with one or two
bitter, instead of the orange flower-water.

Make a thin batter as already described in the former receipt; drop
it into a souflé pan, fry lightly, and strew over pounded cinnamon,
sifted sugar, and finely chopped almonds; hold over a salamander to
brown the upper side. Slide the fritter on to a hot dish, and fold;
pour over, when in the dish, clarified sugar.

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Mix a thick batter, as before, add some well-washed and dried
currants, and fry of a rich brown; serve with a sweet sauce, flavored
with wine or shrub, and sweetened with moist sugar; these are often
made in the shape of small balls, and fried and served in the same

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Stir three eggs until very light, then stir in one cup of sweet milk,
then sift in three cups sifted flour; beat for ten minutes, then add
three teaspoons of baking-powder and fry by spoonfuls in hot oil.
One-half this amount will be sufficient for three persons.

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Choose four sour apples; pare, core and cut them into small slices. Stir
into fritter batter and fry in boiling hot fat or oil. Drain on paper;
sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve.

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Soak slices of pineapple in sherry or white wine with a little sugar and
let stand one hour. Drain and dip slices in batter and fry in hot oil.
Drain on brown paper and sprinkle with powdered sugar.
Fresh pears, apricots and peach fritters made the same as pineapple
fritters. Bananas are cut in slices or mashed and added to batter.

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Yolks of two eggs beaten with two spoons of sugar, stir into this the
juice of quarter of a lemon and just enough flour to thicken like a
batter; add the beaten whites and dip in one slice of orange at a time,
take up with a large kitchen spoon and lay in the hot oil or
butter-substitute and fry a nice brown. Sprinkle pulverized sugar on

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