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Fruit Combination

(Sandwiches And Drinks) - (Cookery For Little Girls)

At a time when other fruits are very high, the plain apple jelly, so

delicate in flavor itself, can be mixed when ready to pour with any kind

of preserved fruit, ready to be put up, even in the proportion of

one-fourth, and it will not be noticeable. Since the pure food law went

into effect and manufacturers have had to print their formulas on the

bottles, we have been able to gather a few trade secrets; and one of our

best-known firms has this admission on its jam labels:

"These goods are compounded from forty per cent, each fresh fruit and

granulated sugar, with addition of ten per cent. each fresh apple juice

and corn sirup, to prevent crystallization."

Their jams are very good, but why pay twenty cents a pound for a

mixture of apple juice and corn sirup?

And only forty per cent. fresh fruit!

Really, though, this fine apple jelly is quite a valuable addition to

such strong fruits as quinces, or such watery ones as strawberries.

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