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Fruit Cream

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Scald your fruit; when done, pulp it through a sieve; let it stand till

almost cold; then sweeten it to your taste; put it into your cream, and

make it of whatever thickness you please.

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Preserved Fruit Creams

Put half a pound of the pulp of any preserved fruit in a large pan: add

to it the whites of three eggs, well beaten; beat these well together

for an hour. Take it off with a spoon, and lay it up high on the dish or

glasses. Raspberries will not do this way.

Other Recipes

Fruit Cream

Strain the juice from a bottle of raspberries and currants on to

three-quarters of a pound of loaf sugar, boil up, then simmer for

half-an-hour. Mix the fruit and a large tablespoonful of raspberry jam

with the syrup, and rub it through a hair sieve. Dissolve Nelson's

Gelatine, in the proportion of half-an-ounce to a pint of the fruit, in

a little water, stir well together. When cold put it into a border

mould, and as soon as it is firm turn out and fill the centre with a

cream, which make with half-an-ounce of Nelson's Gelatine and three

gills of milk, sweetened and flavoured with Nelson's Essence of Vanilla.

Whisk until cool, when stir in a gill of whipped cream.

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